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Welcome to the Mueller Lab

— the Laboratory for Digital Fabrication and Programmable Matter.

Human creativity paired with bioinspiration and modern computational tools can derive the most captivating designs – yet, their physical realization remains a challenge. Additive Manufacturing (AM) has emerged as a potent alternative to conventional manufacturing and is considered by many the holy grail. Despite the hype, however, AM still lags behind these expectations, which significantly limits progress in major research fields. The Mueller Lab addresses these challenges by developing – and utilizing – the newest technologies in machine intelligence for the design of (meta)materials, structures, and fabrication processes with new functionalities and outstanding properties.

The Mueller Lab is situated in the Department of Civil and Systems Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

We are currently recruiting multiple graduate students and PostDocs in the areas of Additive Manufacturing, Functional Matter, and Computational Design. Find out more on the Research page and Join Us! if any or all of these areas spark your interest!


Jochen Mueller, PhD
Assistant Professor

Johns Hopkins University
Department of Civil and Systems Engineering
Latrobe Hall
3400 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218
United States