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Teaching at the intersection of advanced manufacturing, mechanics, and engineering design

The Mueller Lab currently offers a range of courses at the intersection of advanced manufacturing, mechanics, and engineering design. Different courses are taught at different levels (typically split into undergraduate and graduate levels) that are altering between the spring and fall semesters. Please check the details below. We aim to add a practical hands-on component to each course and value the "active learning" approach, which assumes that the more the students do and are involved (not just listening and seeing), the more they learn and take out of the class. This seems particularly important for engineering classes and includes showing and integrating examples from past and current research. We will continue to add new courses to our portfolio over the next years, so please keep checking back if you are interested!

"If you want to master something, teach it." - Richard Feynman

EN.560.362: Engineering Mechanics and Materials
This course will address linear mechanics of solid and fluid media. Concepts will be reinforced through hands-on fabrication, machining and testing of materials, and by the use of finite element models.
EN.560.661: Additive Manufacturing and Design
Additive Manufacturing (AM) removes many geometric constraints imposed by traditional manufacturing processes. Resultingly, systems can be designed to support and improve multiple design objectives, which has the potential to alter the way products are designed. While this allows for the fabrication of more complex and often unprecedented geometries, it also increases the complexity designers face. In addition, engineers must not only understand AM technologies and materials, they must also be able to synthesize its economic and environmental impacts on a manufacturing value chain. Additive Manufacturing and Design will provide an in-depth overview of the most common – and promising – AM technologies, materials, and design methods by including examples from state-of-the-art research. A particular emphasis is placed on Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM), where the different topics will converge to fully utilize the newly created design space.
EN.560.501: Undergraduate Research
Research in Civil and Systems Engineering.
EN.560.511: Group Undergraduate Research
This section has a weekly research group meeting that students are expected to attend.
EN.560.826: Graduate Independent Study
Description not available.
EN.560.836: Graduate Research
Description not available.